Do Hot Teens Ever Come Onto U? Me Neither.


I don’t know what the fuck’s wrong with me today, but I’m in a cynical AF mood. Which is why the premise of this video from is pissing me off. This hot teen Bunnie Hughes is supposed to be coming onto her Dad’s older friend, who’s probably in his 50s. I’m in my 50s, and a teen this fucking hot has never, ever come onto me. I’m like fucking invisible to them at this point.

If you’re over 50 and can pull a hot teen bitch like this little cunt, my hat’s off to you, sir! You’re a god among men! But, I’d wager the answer to the question, “Do hot teens ever come onto you in your 50s?” would result in a resounding “no” dribbling from your lips. Yeah, me neither.

Actors: Bunnie Hughes